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  • Bangers Blog: May 12, 2016

    Bangers! Awesome group yesterday! It's finally starting to feel like summer running weather!

    Last week Em Grover, Mark Zurlo, and Patrick McMahon all ran the first of the RACE … more

  • Bangers Blog: May 6, 2016

    Hellooooo Bangers!

    Keep up submitting those race results here:

    Whether it's a race on the Grand Prix list or not, you can still submit that you did it and get … more

  • Bangers Blog: April 16, 2016

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Lots going on!

    For everyone racing this past week/weekend (B.A.A. or otherwise), I'll put those all together in the next update because I think that's … more

  • Bangers Blog: April 7, 2016

    -The Fool's Dual Half Marathon and 5K took place on Sunday in quite possibly some of the most ridiculously intense conditions possible - icy snow topped off with 50+mph winds! The Bangers SWEPT the … more

  • Bangers Blog: Bangin' Through 2015

    Reliving the Bangers' Biggest Year Yet

    The Bangers really arrived in 2015 -- on the local running scene, and across a lot of finish lines (and lines for free beers). We brunched, scavenged, … more

  • Bangers Blog: Hot to Trot

    Bangers Burn Up Course, Dance Floor, in 2015 Vert

    The Bangers banged again through the Middlesex Fells at the hot and muggy 2015 Vert Sasquatch trail run and bacchanalia, with some impressive times … more

  • Bangers Blog: Busy Bangers

    Now that the snow has melted, the Bangers are banging a lot

    It's already been a busy early spring for the Bangers.

    Congrats to Mark Zurlo and Em Grover bor both running PRs at the Newport 10-Miler, … more

  • Bangers Blog: Fast Track

    How to Get in on the Bangers Grand Prix

    New! The Bangers Grand Prix is a series of races throughout the year, with a point system to track progress. It's a fun way to track group goals for the club, … more

  • Bangers Blog: Cold Comfort

    Bangers Chill Out at Winter Races

    Showing what they're made of (free beer and sports bars, mostly), a great turnout of nearly 20 Bangers and one Bangers dog braved 32-degree temps to post fast times … more

  • Bangers Blog: Fast Company

    Bangers 5K Raises $2K for CRI

    The final tally is in from the Brighton Bangers 5K at the 2014 Rumble on the River: The club raised $2,000 for our friends at Community Rowing Inc., earmarked for In … more