October 25, 2017

The Grand Prix is updated! What an amazing group we have! 

At the Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend, @Kerry Phelan ran a BQ, and Declan HealyAnne Marie Mc Donnell, and Bethany Crowe all ran great races as well!

Meanwhile, at the Bimbler's Bluff 50K (that's 31 burly miles y'all) in Connecticut, Maureen McCaffrey ran her first ever ultra-marathon and Jeremy Shaw ran his first official ultra this year after making his ultra debut last year! Hard to believe that just two years ago, there were two Bangers who had ever run an ultra...and now I've lost count how many!

Speaking of Ultras, Back on 9/30, Tess Harvey ran the TARC Fall Classic 50K! So many ultras!

Two weeks ago, Ryan Wexler ran his first marathon on Mount Desert Island from Bar Harbor, Maine. Sexy Wexy showing how it's done with a rock-solid 3:30 debut!

Going international (the race is half in the United States and half in Canada), Evan Weinberg ran his first marathon in Niagra Falls! Way to go Evan!

Also this past weekend, Jennifer Myers ran the Newburyport Half for her first half!

Also nice job to everyone who ran our October team race, the OAKtoberfest 5K in Oak Square! Too bad they didn't do a team award or we totally woulda won! Mark Zurlo took fourth overall with a PR, Mark Hagopian got fifth overall, and Theresa Donohoe ran a great race too!

The standings are shaking up! Mo McCaffrey rockets into the top five for the first time ever, as does Evan! Keep up the great work!

Three team races left for the year! Cambridge Half, Cambridge Clasic 5K, and Yulefest! Sign up today and run with the group! Let's finish the year strong! Amazing job everyone!!!

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