October 14, 2017

The Grand Prix results are up to date. Check them out here!

Currently in the top five places for women are Kerry Phelan, Em Grover, Jenna Castro, Cassie Why, and Jonna Green! In the men's division, Bobby McDonough is in the lead followed closely by Mark Zurlo, then Mark Hagopian, Seth Wolfman, and Patrick McMahon. We're also closing in on our team goals for the year!! The goal is to have 150 participants in the Grand Prix, and we are at 142 right now! Everyone's races count towards the team goals, so please submit them. 

If you raced this weekend (or anytime recently), don't forget to submit your results here. 

Congratulations to everyone who ran marathons and half marathons the last couple weeks! This was A LOT of people: in Chicago, the Bangers crew was enormous and included Kara Huselton (PR!), Maggie Ginn, Patrick Rooney (BQ!), Tess Harvey, Seth Wolfman, Danny Arias (first marathon!), Cassie Why (first marathon!), Jared A Bartlett (PR!), Chris Chavez (first marathon!), Jonna Green, Jenn McBride (PR!), Megan Smith, Mark Hagopian, Ainsley Wolfe, and Kim Hill, with Kathryn Elizabeth and Jessica O'Neil cheering them on! 

On the same day, Jenna Castro and Erik Hinrichsen ran the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half Marathon in Albany, NY, for Jenna's third marathon (all within the last year!) and ninth place overall for Erik in the half! Also last weekend, Elyse Marie and Patrick McMahon both ran the BAA Half Marathon (if there were more Bangers there, please submit results)! And two weeks ago, Kylee Jay and Bobby McDonough ran the Smuttynose Rockfest half marathon in Hampton, NH, each setting a new PR. 

In very recent news (i.e. TODAY), Evan Weinberg ran his first marathon at the Niagara Falls Marathon, where runners venture all the way into Canada! Ryan Wexler also ran a negative-split marathon at the very hilly Mount Desert Island Marathon in Maine this morning. Closer to home, Em Grover, Theresa Donohoe, Mark Hagopian, and Mark Zurlo all ran the Oaktoberfest 5k right in Oak Square. Congrats to Mark Zurlo on a PR and first place in division, Theresa on third place in division, and Mark Hagopian on second place in division (even though he was already on his way to run his second 5k of the day by then). Yesterday, Jon Marcus was second in his division in the Red Bandanna 5K in Chestnut Hill, and Kate Mroz also ran great back-to-back races both yesterday at the Play Brigade 5k in Cambridge, and the previous weekend at the Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K! 

This is probably the biggest fall race season that the Bangers have ever had and it's pretty amazing to see how much this club has grown over the years! Congratulations everybody :) 

If you are racing...let us know!! Submit here.

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