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Now that the snow has melted, the Bangers are banging a lot

It's already been a busy early spring for the Bangers.

Congrats to Mark Zurlo and Em Grover bor both running PRs at the Newport 10-Miler, and to Seth Wolfman for a PR at the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont, which was also Justin Voldman's first race of the year. Back in Boston, both Jaclyn Crain and Maggie Ginn ran the Cambridge Freedom 5K. Zurlo and Grover finished Boston, and, the next week, Wolfman ran the Big Sur Marathon and Jon Marcus the London Marathon. Marcus, Libby Merrill and Marc Nascarella also did the Run to Remember -- Nascarella in a blistering 1:34:30 as he trains to qualify (in New York) for next year's Boston. And a whole bunch of Bangers ran the Newton 10K (pictured).

The next race to sign up for is the VERT Sasquatch on Sunday, July 12. This 2.35-mile trail race in Middlesex Fells is a beautiful course that ends in a ton of free beer and a team dance-off. It's also a Bangers standard; we won second place last year among the teams. And we have to add to our trophy collection at the Drop -- whether that trophy is for running or dancing. Sign up now and add your name to the race roster, here.

This race is also part of our Grand Prix series, which means you can win more points.

First, the 26x1 Club Challenge Marathon Relay is being held at Tufts on Saturday, June 27. We have a full team for this one and it should be an awesome time. This race also precedes the Banger Bash and BBQ on the same day ... see the Facebook event listing for more details, and thanks to Daniel Hitchcock and Jamison Bundy for hosting/planning.

Grand Prix Update:

We are already halfway to our collective goal of 20 PRs as a team, meaning we are totally going to destroy this goal. We're also well on our way to goals for total points and overall participation, with a total of 30 Bangers on the list so far.

In individual competition, things are starting to get intense. There's a tie for individual first place between Grover and Wolfman, each with 37 points. Zurlo is right behind them with 36 points, and next behind Grover among the women is Heather Rennie with 21 points. Check out the standings here.

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