Bangers Blog: The Bang-quet

See photos of the Bang-quet here.

Hey Bangers!

ICYMI or ICYWTBTDTR (in case you were there but too drunk to remember), here are ALL of the award winners at the 2017 Bang-quet!

Club Awards:
~ Leadership Award - Alex Bothner
~ Team Builder - Mark ZurloJennifer Daley
~ Community Service - Jeremy Shaw
~ Most Dedicated - Jon Marcus
~ Most Improved Runner - Declan HealyJonna Green

Grand Prix Winners:
~ Doggy Division Top-3: Sky (Tess Harvey), Roux (Tony Chin), Zeke (Melody MallozziKevin Mallozzi)
~ Women’s Top-5: Cassie Yeancades, Em Grover, Jonna Green, Elyse Archila, Tess Harvey
~ Men’s Top-5: Bobby McDonough, Mark Zurlo, Jerry Shaw, Mark Hagopian, Declan Healy

Grand Prix Awards:
~ First marathons: Bobby McDonough, Jonna Green, Alex Bothner, Maggie GinnJenna Castro, Declan Healy, Mark ZagataKara Huselton, Kerry PhelanKate MrozTheresa DonohoeLinda LiaoNat SchilsAllison LorencMichelle Landry 
~ First Half-Ironman: Laura Duffy
~ First Ultramarathons: Jerry Shaw, Seth WolfmanKylee Druggan-Eppich, Ruby E PerlmutterAaron McCall
~ Most completions: Tony Chin 26, Patrick McMahon 25
~ Most Marathons: Kevin Koncilja 7
~ Most PR's: Mark Zurlo 8, Em Grover 8

~ Life of the Party: Cassie Yeancades, Jamison Bundy 
~ Best Dancer: Nick StahlMariah Bundy
~ Class Couple: Andrew Malkin and Meaghan Reddy
~ Unsung Hero: Gregory Niforos
~ Best Party House: Dirty 30 (Peter LeBlancJonny Page, Jamison Bundy, Anthony DiMarsico)
~ Most Likely to Get Lost While Running: Kerry Phelan
~ Most Likely to Skip Running and Go Straight to The Drop: Kathryn Sylvia, Mike Hanold
~ Most Likely to Get Kicked Out of the Drop: Meredith Tuite
~ Last Drop’s Best Customer: Aaron McCall
~ Most Likely to Talk About Wegman’s: Jared A BartlettMeghan Burns
~ Most Talkative: Kara Huselton, Jon Marcus
~ Badass of the Year: Patrick McMahon, Tess Harvey
~ Most Enthusiastic Banger: Em Grover, Seth Wolfman
~ Best Fanny Pack: Jenna Castro
~ Best to Take Home to Mom and Dad: Maggie Ginn, Ryan Wexler

In the end, we are ALL winners in this group! :)

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