Bangers Blog: September 8, 2016


First just a quick reminder about our upcoming races! The Bangers 5k is next weekend...GET EXCITED!!! Keep on spreading the word about this as we are still accepting registrations and still looking for more runners! 
To help you spread the word, registration is here: 
And our promo video is here:
Other races in the near future are the Smuttynose 5k or Half Marathon (Sunday 10/2) and the Cambridge Half Marathon (Sunday 11/13). We currently have a group of at least 5 runners for Smuttynose and an impressive 16 for the Cambridge half, so either one will be an awesome time. Check out the race roster to add your name and for registration info:
In other Grand Prix news, Cassie Yeancades and Seth Wolfman both ran the Around Cape Ann 25K this weekend (which is, as you would expect, around Cape Ann in Gloucester). This was a Personal Longest race for Cassie, who also ran in the Jay Peak Trail Running Festival last weekend. All of this bumps her into first place for the women's Grand Prix! Following close behind are Em Grover and Elyse Archila. Bobby McDonough, Mark Zurlo, and Seth Wolfman continue to lead the men's standings. Mark also raced this week at the New Haven Road Race, setting a PR for the 20K distance! And Jamie Lightfoot and Declan Healy both ran the Warriors Run 15K in Sligo, IRELAND last week, which is one of the most distant locations any Banger has ever raced! 
We're getting close to all of our team goals in the Grand Prix too! We are shooting for 450 race completions and 3,500 total race miles as a team, and right now we're at 366 completions (81.3%) and 2,648 miles (76%). All race results you submit count towards this (and will probably get you some individual points as well)! Submit results here:
You can see all the GP points and standings in the roster ( 
Saturday long runs are also ongoing this weekend - 15 miles from Oak Square, leaving at 7 AM! The FB event is here:

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