Bangers Blog: November 18, 2016

Congratulations to everyone who ran the Cambridge Half Marathon with the Bangers last weekend - Bobby McDonough (PR!), Amelia Hansen (PR!), Cassie Yeancades (PR!), Ryan Wexler, Jonna Green, Jen Daley (PR!), Patricia Daley (first half marathon!), Mark Zagata (PR!), Leandra Mansur (first half marathon!), Sierra Parker (PR!), Stacey Poltack (PR!), Elyse Archila, Jared Bartlett (PR!), Danny Arias (first half marathon!), Seth Wolfman, Kerry Phelan, Melody Mallozzi (PR!), Kara Huselton, Lauren Caputo, Jonny Rage (first half marathon!), Aaron McCall, Sami Rafai (first half marathon!), Mack Hebert, Jon Marcus, Jon Sabino, Kim Hill, and Kiley Bunce. This was the biggest team we've ever had at a half marathon, and there were a TON of PR's and first half marathons in the book! (If I missed your PR/PL, please submit your results!!!) 
Another big congrats to Jess O'Neil who ran the Richmond Half Marathon last weekend, and also set a new PR! 
Link to submit your results:
This weekend, we are finally reaching the end of our LONG string of consecutive weekends of Bangers running marathons, half marathons, and ultras!! We have had an amazing season of training and racing this summer and fall, and it has been so cool and inspiring to see what everyone in this club is capable of achieving. Great job everyone and let's keep this up in the future!  
The grand finale features Bethany Crowe, Allison Lorenc, Patrick McMahon, Jenna Castro, Jerry Shaw, Em Grover, Mark Zurlo, and Tony Chin at the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday. Good luck to all!!
We have two more Grand Prix races this year: the Winter Classic 5k (Sunday, 12/4) and the Somerville Jingle Bell 5k (Sunday, 12/18). Bangers teams have been created for both events, and both are always a blast! Add your name to the roster when you sign up:
Please sign up to host Saturday runs! You pick the date, the distance, the route, and anything else you want to incorporate. The sign-up spreadsheet is here:
This Saturday (tomorrow) meet at 9 am in Oak Square for a 10-mile long run. Based on interest and who shows up, we can add other distances too! FB: 
Have a great weekend! 

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