Bangers Blog: May 26, 2016

It was great seeing such a huge crowd out last night - we've had lots of new faces lately too!

Recent Races:
-Sarah Kruyer and Laura Duffy both ran the Steel Rail Half Marathon, AND both set personal records!
-Earlier in May, Tony Chin ran another marathon at the Providence Marathon, only a few weeks after running Boston in April.
-And Jerry Shaw, Jared Butler, and Chris Chavez all ran the Harpoon 5-Miler last weekend!
Submit results here - you will get points!
And speaking of points, you can check out the current Grand Prix standings and our future races on the race roster, located here:
If you click the above link, you'll notice that the November race is TBD - so we are going to vote on one! Options include a 5k in Portland, a 5- or 10- mile trail race in Framingham, and a half marathon in Cambridge. If you haven't already, vote here: 
(If you already know you can't go to a particular race or don't actually want to run it, please don't vote for it.) 
Details on each of the three options can be found here:
1) Busa Bushwhack Trail Race:
2) Cambridge Half Marathon:
We're still looking for Saturday run captains for the next few weeks. It can be any theme, distance, pace, whatever you want! If you're not sure what this entails, you just sign up for a date, decide what you want to do for your run, make the Facebook event and promote away! You can even pick a brunch place for after. Sign up @
Finally, if you are running the 26x1 relay or just feeling a general lack of green in your running wardrobe, we're still taking singlet orders!!! They're super cool and comfy and they make you run faster. Order here:
Have a bangin' Memorial Day Weekend and good luck to everybody running Pinelands!!!

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