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How to Get in on the Bangers Grand Prix

New! The Bangers Grand Prix is a series of races throughout the year, with a point system to track progress. It's a fun way to track group goals for the club, keep motivated, and get some friendly competition going.

Everybody can participate. The most points are earned for participating and for setting personal bests. You don't have to do every race. It’s all about getting out there, having fun, and improving. There are also team goals to which everyone contributes. Individual men's and women's winners will be recognized at the end of the year.

Fnd the Bangers Grand Prix series races on the EVENTS page, signified by the grand prix logo:

Other races count, too!  Here’s how it works:


There are five categories. They overlap a little bit so you can submit some distances more than once.

1. Five miles or shorter  

2. Five to 15 miles  

3. 10K-40K (6.2-25 miles)

4. Fifteen miles or longer

5. Marathon or longer    

You may count one race in each category that is not a race from the 2015 Bangers Race Series.  

The race must be run in the 2015 calendar year.

You may replace a result in a category later in the year if it gets you more points

You may move a result from one category to another later in the year if it also fits the new category.  

Obstacle races, triathlons, and other mixed events may be used. Count only the running portion.

You may not use part of a race to count for a shorter race. For example, you may not use your five-mile split at a half marathon to count for the “five miles or shorter” category.

What counts for points?

Complete the race = 5 points

Set your personal record for the distance* = 3 points

Run your longest race** = 3 points

A division place in the top 10 percent is worth 3 points, in the top 25 percent 2 points, and in the top half, 1 point.***

* Does not count if you’ve never raced this distance before

** Score 2 points for any marathon or longer that isn’t your longest race  

*** Divisions are as they appear in online race results. If the race results do not indicate divisions, then the race is not eligible for division points.

How do I submit my results?

Submit your results here. Honor system! If you've already run a race in 2015, you can submit it any time.

Where are the standings?

Find the standings here.

Where is the Bangers Race Roster with the links to all these races?

You can let people know you’re going and get links to all the races here.

I have a question!

Email your friendly commissioner at  


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