Bangers Blog: December 8, 2016

Good morning Bangers!
There were a LOT of 5k's this week! At the Cambridge Winter Classic on Sunday we had a big group of Bangers including Bobby McDonough, Jeremy Shaw, Jon Marcus, Chris Seero, Elyse Archila, Jackie Crain, Jonna Green, Seth Wolfman, Laura Huselton, Em Grover, Mark Zurlo, Mark Zagata, Ryan Wexler, Nick Stahl, Rachel Wilkinson, Dan Costa, Greg Niforos, Theresa Donohoe, Maureen McCaffrey, and Wendy Recine! Extra congrats to Jonna and Chris for their PRs!!! 
Patrick McMahon and Kevin Koncilja ran the Chill Classic 5k in Boston on the same day, with a PR for Kevin, while Sarah Kruyer ran and also PR'd the Reindeer Fun Run all the way in North Carolina! 
If I missed you or your PR, PLEASE SUBMIT your results! (Gotta have everything in before Bang-quet!) 
Also, check out the Grand Prix points - Jeremy Shaw and Mark Zurlo are separated by LESS THAN HALF A POINT for men's second place! It's getting intense! 
Next Wednesday is our holiday caroling bar crawl run. This was an awesome time last year so please come! We will run to 3 bars in Brighton to drink beer and serenade unsuspecting bystanders. Bring your ID! We're also introducing something new this year: as a group, the Bangers are sponsoring a family at the South Boston Neighborhood House to provide Christmas gifts to 3 kids ages 8, 3, and 6 months. If you want to donate an item, the request list is here:
Items can be brought to next Wednesday's run or dropped off to Em or Meghan (both in Brighton). 
Our last Grand Prix race of the year is a week from this Sunday at the Somerville Jingle Bell 5k! This is always a great race with 18 (!) Davis Square bars and restaurants opening up to serve free beer to runners at the end. We have a group of about 12 so far but there's still time to sign up!
It's time to introduce the 2017 Third Annual Brighton Bangers Grand Prix!! For those of you who joined recently, the Grand Prix is a system for tracking everyone's races and accomplishments throughout the year, organizing team races, and assigning points. We aim for one team race each month, but other races count towards your points too! 
This year's Grand Prix features a bunch of repeat races from this year that were all a hit, along with some new ones throughout the year. can start planning your 2017 race schedule now!
The GP itself is here (check out the 2017 tab at the bottom - we're still in 2016):
If you have any questions about how it all works, check out the very helpful rules here:
Bang On Bangers!

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