About Us

Founded in 2012 by Arra and Laura Derderian and a few of their friends, the Brighton Bangers (yeah, don't even ask about the name) has grown to more than 450 members, a lot of whom actually show up for the runs and many more of whom come to the drinking parts.

Distinguished by the marginally offensive motto on our original singlets and shirts, Bangers have banged in the Berlin, Boston, Big Sur, Chicago, Cincinnati, Hartford, London, Marine Corps, New York, Philadlephia, Providence, Baystate, and other marathons, and in obstacle races and other runs of every distance — from 5Ks to ultras and triathlons.

The group includes a disproportionate number of transplants from Texas, a guy from Buffalo who won't shut up about the Bills, IT people, teachers, engineers, scientists, musicians, financial types, journalists, the world's toughest fashion designer, medical professionals (they come in handy), a couple of cops, construction workers, and a motorcycle fanatic. (Still needed: cowboy.) So far there've been two marriages, and counting.

We run all kinds of distances and speeds, and train together Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. in the warmer months) and Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. in Oak Square, and on occasional Monday nights for speed workouts (sign up here for the schedule and updates). We also volunteer around the 'hood once in a while, and throw our Banger Bash at least twice a year at our home away from home, the Last Drop. (Look for our framed singlet and our race trophies above the bar, but keep one hand on your wallet while you're doing it, and don't touch anything.) We even have a cycling spinoff, Banger Bikers.

We hold our own World's Greatest 5K each fall, with free music and free beer (naturally), at the Rumble on the River, in collaboration with our friends at Community Rowing.

Come bang with us!

Our original team, at the Bangers' first race (left), Note that free beer was served, establishing a proud tradition. We've grown a lot since then. (Except in maturity.) And got shirts!

Important definitions:

voldman (VOLD-man), v.: To crouch with both thumbs raised in the "I love Wegmans!" position. Stance normally assumed after running a race or by inner-city gangs in Buffalo after (extremely rare) Bills win. 

bang (bang), v.: To run a race with friends, followed by beer and voldmaning.

lunt (lunt), n.: Mythological distance runner reputed to frequent Oak Square. Even more rare than Buffalo Bills wins.

Bangers Bash, n.: Periodic social event at which Bangers unsuccessfully attempt to clean themselves up and appear civilized, before just giving up on the whole idea and getting drunk.

Bang-quet, n.: Annual semi-formal. See "Bangers Bash."

Our original motto. It made us very popular at races. We're not sure why. Oh, wait ...